About Me!

Sup?!  Welcome to my Blog!

I’ve started this blog for 2 reasons – 1.  I was insanely jealous of a friends witty blog and 2. To help motivate me and keep me on track with my goals.

My name’s Amanda.  I’m 27, married, work in media, have 2 nutcase dogs and… I’m overweight.  I’ve been struggling for some time now to lose weight and was recently diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS for short).  To go along with this I also have mild insulin resistance which means that it is especially hard for me to lose weight and I have to be extra careful with the food choices I make.  I mainly stick to eating  Low GI and focus on portion control.  You can find out more about Low GI here.

So I have a goal to lose 15kg!  I’m going to do this by eating healthily and lots of exercise.  I’ll track my progress here and hope to inspire, motivate and also offer a laugh along the way!

Stay tuned.  I’ll be skinny soon.  You just watch!  😉


8 responses to “About Me!

  1. Alexis O'Sullivan-Hansen

    You go girl! Don’t worry us friends will love you what ever size, But maybe we should go surfing again when your feeling slim and golden brown. I’ll be slim and glowing white 🙂

    • Haha who said I was woried about people loving me whatever size? It’s all about how I feel matey. 😉 I’d love to go surfing again… I think I would suck badly though haha!

  2. Amanda – I think this is awesome ! and very inspirational.
    I think you should send this in to a publisher and get a book deal.
    Well done luv!

  3. Thanks for sending your comments it’s good to hear from others struggling with weight problems. My barriers are menopause and hypothyroidism. Keep up the good work and look forward to seeing you progress.

    • It definitely makes it harder when hormones get in the way of goals but my motto is just keep going! I won’t let anything stand in my way of the body I want, the fitness level I want to achieve and the standard of health I want to maintain! Thanks for the comment. 🙂

  4. msfitnesstrainer

    Hey Amanda,

    I have to say, that I ABSOLUTELY LOVEE your sense of humour. You are hilarious. lol, anyways, thanks so much for coming by and I will definitely be coming by to check up on you often! keep up the good work and rememeber that hard work will lead to success. All the best and talk soon!!!


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