Celebrities are NOT diet & fitness role models!

To keep up with the latest fitness and nutrition information I regularly scan the popular news site’s ‘health & lifestyle’ sections.  Whilst I sometimes find really good articles (like the cutting the C.R.A.P article but even then I had issues with some of the information), I mostly come across pure and utter nonsense.

Scanning one Australian news site’s diet and fitness section I was instantly bombarded with whether a certain celebrity’s body was real or not, a certain singer’s face cream secret, so-and-so’s reported boob job… excuse me?  Can you give me some REAL diet and fitness advice now?  I could have gone and bought a gossip mag to get this information (nothing against them – love them!).  I have no idea how this offers anything to the Australian public in regards to learning more about diet and fitness.  I can’t help but feel that it is the media, once again, playing into women’s insecurities, planting seeds in their heads that to feel like they are worth anything physically, they must strive towards looking like a celebrity.

Australian women should not feel like they need to look like celebrities to feel better about themselves.  Sure, I joke about wanting a body like Elle’s but at the end of the day I don’t REALLY want a body like Elle’s, I want a body like Amanda’s at its full potential.  I want the best body and health that I can have, not some celebrity or model who has it all set out for her with her expensive trainers, chefs and health practitioners at her beck and call.

We need to start accepting ourselves for who we are and understand that we can only be the best we can be.  If you feel you need to lose weight, shape up, tone up, have clearer skin, clearer eyes,  a brighter smile; then do it for yourself, don’t do it because you want to be or look like someone else.  It is only when we start demonstrating our ability to love ourselves for being ourselves that the media will stop forcing this rubbish down our throats in the guise of diet and fitness advice.

So how do we start recognising our own self worth?  After working with my trainer for some time now and also after  reading ‘Think Yourself Thin’ I have realised the importance of self love.  Yes, it’s mushy and new-age sounding but believe me, it really works.

I’d never been a fan of affirmations, I thought they sounded lame and I felt like an idiot repeating them but the power of the spoken word is undeniable.   Every day I tell myself, “I am healthy, strong, beautiful and fit.  I am making changes to myself FOR myself so that I can learn to love every bit about me”.   I didn’t believe those words at first however it is only when I persevered with it that I began to notice real, tangible changes not only in my body but in my mentality too.  I am not yet at my full potential but I am so close I can visualise it.  And that’s a huge step for me.

Once you have that down pat you will realise you don’t NEED to look like a celebrity to be beautiful on the inside and out because you will feel it, see it and believe that you are truly the best version of you that you can be.

And finally, don’t look to celebrities for health and diet advice.  Do real research and open yourself to learning about what you can do to improve yourself for the long term, not the short term.  Then you will still be yourself, only the new improved version 2.0.  (That’s the geek in me coming out.  Don’t hate.)


2 responses to “Celebrities are NOT diet & fitness role models!

  1. Loving the positive you, ditto to everything above!!

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