BDazzled Update #1

Day 1, 3 applications in, of my teeth whitening experience.

This morning I didn’t drool as much as last night however tonight was a different story! I had to keep a mug nearby to catch the drool! Ew. A mug of drool. You wouldn’t want to confuse THAT with water!

I do think my teeth are a little brighter already (pic below). They do feel a little sensitive tonight though but it’s not a painful sensation, just a slight throb. Might start using sensitive toothpaste during this process!

Ahhh, shine my pretties! Whiten and gleam, my little ivory jewels! Soon you will shine like pearls!


2 responses to “BDazzled Update #1

  1. Mug of drool… wow *shudder*

    My pearly yellows are going to be so envious of your pearly whites!

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