Get a body like Elle's? Can I get a "Elle" yeah?!

I read an interesting article on the SMH site titled How to get a body like Elle Macpherson’s.

Now.  I’m no fool.  I didn’t come down in the last shower.  I know that genetics plays a HUGE part in the way the glorious Miss Elle looks, after all she is called ‘The Body,’ however the article has some very solid advice.  Elle’s personal trainer insists to get a hot bod we need to cut the C.R.A.P – caffeine, refined sugar, alcohol and processed food.  Hear hear! Bravo, Mr Elle’s-Personal-Trainer.  It’s about time someone broadcast this to the world.  It’s all about quality input to get a quality output.  To get a fab, fit, healthy, toned bod – cut the C.R.A.P.  And cut it good folks.

Not only is eating non-processed food better for our bodies, it is better for our heart, minds and soul.  Let’s get up close and personal for a minute here dear readers. I know since I cut down on refined sugar and processed food I feel a “elle” of a lot better (alcoh0l and caffeine weren’t a vice so I was half way there already in the ‘cutting the C.R.A.P’ stakes).  If you want to see a significant change in your body –  C.R.A.P.  You know what to do with it.

The article then goes on to say you don’t have to put in hours at the gym and you don’t have to eat only lettuce with sawdust sprinkled on it – it’s about smart eating and smart training.   Mr Elle’s-Personal-Trainer has devised an eight-minute workout of resistance exercises to be done twice a day. This can be extended with a walk or by attempting the more advanced workouts in the book.  Okay, this might be good for someone who ALREADY has a body like or nearly resembling Elle’s but for fatties like me I think this is a bit of a ‘waking up to find your bed filled with diamonds’ situation… it’s an attractive idea but it ain’t never going to happen.  You WILL need to put in the work.  You WILL need to be committed to exercise.  You WILL need to be prepared to sweat.   It took hours/days/months/years of sitting on your butt putting  C.R.A.P in your body so it will take hours/days/months/years of hard work to get your body to a healthy standard again.  I’ve accepted this and I implore others in the same situation to accept this too.   It’s only WHEN you get to this healthy standard that you will be able to reassess the amount of work needed to MAINTAIN that healthy standard.

Mr Elle’s-Personal-Trainer then finished off with the following tips:

Common problem areas:

1.     Sugar addiction.

2.     Skipping meals. “[People] think it’s a good thing. [But] it slows your metabolism down. You want to be burning lots of fat all through the day.”

3.     Not being honest with yourself [Amanda’s note: HUGE, HUGE, HUUUGE impact.  Did I say HUGE?].

Three changes that will have a big impact:

1.     Start each morning with some protein – eg eggs, meat, almonds and natural yoghurt.

2.     Drink a squeeze or slice of lime in water.

3.     Stretch for five-10 minutes before bed. This will help you unwind and consequently help you sleep better.

So, whilst this is all sound advice in the nutritional area, remember that exercise plays an important role in weight loss / body changing too.  Get moving people!  That 30 mins – 1 hour of exercise is such a small slice of your day that it’s almost impossible to justify NOT exercising.  You have anywhere between 16 to 18 waking hours in a day!  Do you know how very long that is?? GO!  GO NOW!  STOP READING AND GOOOOOOO!  The benefits by far weigh out the detriments.  Sore butt?  Pfft.  Build a bridge.


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