Say no to yo-yo dieting!

Another excerpt from a great little article that I came across in Good Health magazine.  It really is a wealth of knowledge.  I do recommend you start buying it.  And I do recommend they start paying me for endorsing it.

Alternating between depriving yourself of food and bingeing leads to overeating, anxiety and addictive behavior, says The Stripps Research Institute Scientists.   I can’t tell you how much that has rung true for me.  Anxiety and addictive behaviour had a huge impact on my life so it was very interesting to know the links between food deprivation and these behaviours.   Read on…

They found rats alternating between a bland and high sugar diet began bingeing on sweet food while rejecting the healthier options.  On top of that, their erratic eating habits activated a stress gene in their brains leading to withdrawal like behaviours found in drug addiction.

Overall it is better to stick to a long-term eating plan than dieting on and off.

1. Ditch unrealistic goals

Sustained weight loss is achieved at a steady rate of 1/2kg to 1kg a week.  Sure, those diets that claim to shed 5kg in 2 days (Lemon Detox anyone?  Barf) might be tempting but the loss will not be sustained and you will end up the same weight as before (and then some!) as soon as you return to your normal eating pattern.

2. Take small steps

Adopt one healthy eating behaviour every week, whether it be starting a food diary (try, using smaller plates (portion control people!) or packing your own lunch.

3. Don’t be TOO restrictive

If you eat well most of the time it’s perfectly fine to enjoy a little of your favourite foods from time to time.  Yes, that’s right, a little.  This does not mean eat a weeks worth of food in one sitting (forgive me body for I have sinned!) nor does it mean rewarding yourself with food (cut to me eating ice cream because I worked so HARD at the gym! Bad Amanda, bad!).  I’m happy to report I now enjoy a little of my favourite foods from time to time.  😉

Music time!  New NERD album out June 15th.  First single – Hot n Fun feat. Nelly Furtado.  Getting me amped up for my first hip hop class tonight!  Yeah!


2 responses to “Say no to yo-yo dieting!

  1. Unfortunately bingeing after days of “being good” seems to resonate with me as well.

    Now that I see it as a lifestyle change rather than “Lose-weight-and-then-go-back-to-eating-crap” I feel better/more positive about it all.

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