Getting closer!

Finally! I’m just over 1.5kg away from my first goal. I feel like everything is beginning to fall into place. I’ve accepted that the weight will come off slowly, that having PCOS means that I’m not like your average Joe setting out to lose weight. So I’m celebrating every kilo I lose because I am appreciating how much blood, sweat and tears went in to losing that one kilo. Okay maybe not blood but you get the idea.

Also, another relevation. No ‘diet’ will ever work for me. Wow. Did I just say that?! This is coming from a girl who has tried every diet under the sun! Meal replacements, atkins, vegetable soup, sure slim, lite n easy… That’s only a few! This revelation is huge for me. It’s all about nutritious, low GI, balanced, portion controlled meals. It’s not that hard. I get to have almost everything I want. In moderation. I find when you don’t exclude certain foods from your diet, guess what, you don’t actually crave them and find yourself binging. Portion control is key. And get moving! I now move as much as possible. I no longer think of it as a chore. It’s important to embrace the fact that you are getting stronger and fitter every day.

Another thing I have been doing, and this is going to sound new age and creepy, but I have been ‘thinking’ myself thin. So lame. But I think it’s working! Everyday I tell myself that I’m getting thinner and I push all negative weight thoughts out of my head. It was quite a shock how much negative body image thoughts were swirling around my head. How boring. They have been banished! The theory is that whatever your mind is thinking, your body will do. Training hard and saying to yourself you can’t do it? Guess what. You won’t do it. Thinking to yourself that you will never lose weight? Hello! The weight will stick. Thanks to Chanel for passing this little book on to me. 😉

So I think everything is going quite well! Will keep you all updated!


4 responses to “Getting closer!

  1. Woohoo! Your greatest post ever 😀

    So the book is good? I’ll start reading it!

    • Yes it actually is quite interesting. I don’t agree that she did it on thought alone though. Very far fetced. But the idea is good. I have read it through to the end though.

  2. Love love love the thinking yourself thin idea!! I will attempt to do the same tomorrow…and the next day….and every other day until I lose the extra 15lbs of chub I’m carrying. Good luck 🙂

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