Sweat, tears and gagging

That just about sums up today’s training session!  I don’t even particularly recall what went on… it all went by in a sweaty blur.  I do know that it involved running (and LOTS of it), squats, shoulders, dips, skipping, lunges and planks.  Oh and then MORE running.  I was teary, sweaty, beetroot red and dry retched continually.

But you know what?  Sit down because this is going to be a huge shock.  I… okay I can’t believe I’m going to say this, just let me get my composure…  I… actually feel really great right now.  Wow.  That was a huge thing to get off my chest.  Usually after a big session I feel woozy, light headed and nauseous for a while after it!  Woo hoo!  This must mean I’m fitter.  Yes?  That’s how I’m going to take it.  :-p

I’ve been plodding along quite nicely over the last couple of days.  Monday consisted of a strength session in the gym and then a 80 minute brisk walk after work.  Tuesday was a half cardio / half strength session in the gym and then a 65 minute brisk walk after work.  Tomorrow is boxing and then soccer and Friday is PT again!  My motivation is well and truly back on track.

My trainer took my measurements last Friday so I am super excited to see the results from that in a week or so.  Oh and she made me a scrumdiddleeumcious  chicken salad for lunch, god bless her cotton socks!  See here: http://nataliecartertalksfitness.blogspot.com/2010/03/faux-caesar-salad.html

So in conclusion – I’m feeling good, feeling great – feeling great, feeling good, how are you?


2 responses to “Sweat, tears and gagging

  1. Sounds intense!

    I’m pretty sure the phrase you meant was ‘powering along’ or the like, it doesn’t sound like ‘plodding along’ to me!!

  2. No, I’m plodding. HAHA! I meant it as a joke. :-p

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