I love it when you flex like that…

…slow, fast, up, down… bring it back!

I’m starting to notice a difference in my muscles, particularly in my guns.  I’ve got two tickets to the gun show people! Step right up!  And I was complimented on my shoulders today.  An odd place to be complemented on but I’ll take it.  It’s nice to hear people are noticing a difference in me – I think I will ride on the tails of that for a while.  🙂

Boxing was tough yesterday.  Not only did we have to box non-stop we also included lots of push ups and burpees.  God how I loathe them.  Practically everyone in the class sweated their asses off.  I wish I could literally sweat my ass off.  Man I wish that was possible (or what about something like ‘Ass Off’?  You know like the movie ‘Face Off’ but asses instead of faces.  I’ll have Jennifer Anistons please!). We could have created a swimming pool with our sweat combined.  *VOMIT*  I especially hate it when the guys get sweaty and I’m watching them do push ups and their sweat is dripping on to the floor.  Oh, oh, and what about when you have to team up with one of them and their sweat is flying towards you whilst their punching the mits? Have you ever had that??  Oh goo!  Sweat is disgusting.  Anyhoo, I digress – it was tough and I was exhausted after it.

But I still had soccer to go!  Soccer is the only place where you pay $10 to get your ass kicked.  Seriously.  We suck.  We lost to apparently the comps worst team.  Well I guess we all know who the worst team is now.  Yep.  That’s right.  It’s us.  These girls uniforms were pink god damn it!  And they all had a full face of makeup on.  Some of them squealed when the ball came towards them.  It was disgraceful.  They had been playing for a year though so that’s a year more than us.  So we lost.  8 – 3.  At the end of the game we collectively decided that we needed training and we needed it now. So hopefully I can report a win soon.  Maybe.

This morning I got up before the sun (you have no idea how unreasonably angry that makes me – I’m getting angry just thinking about it now) and met my trainer.  We did A LOT  of lunges, dips, resistance training, burpees (have I mentioned that I loathe them?!) and step ups.  I think I’m getting better at them though – today I did not vomit a little bit in my mouth ONCE.  😉  I did break a bit of a cold sweat though when I had to do shoulder work.  Damn you to hell weak shoulders. I’ll show YOU who is boss!

Weekend lies ahead of me and temptation comes into play again.  Tapas tonight.  I WILL NOT OVEREAT.  I WILL NOT HAVE MORE THAN 2 GLASSES OF SANGRIA.  I have to keep replaying this in my mind.  It’s like the soundtrack to my life on skip.  Blah.

So I’ll cap it off for today where I started – I love it when you flex like that!  Merry Weekend everyone!


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