Strike me down!

What I thought was just innocent yet annoying hayfever has turned into a nasty cold. Woe is me. I hate being sick but then again, no one particularly enjoys it, do they?

Went to a lovely wedding on the weekend! It was held in the chapel my husband and I were married in so that brought back many happy memories. And also memories of sheer and utter terror! No no, I kid. 😉

The bad thing about weddings is that there is always so much to eat and drink! I paced myself though and alternated each drink with a glass of water. And that nights dinner was light cheese on multigrain toast. 😉

Sunday was spent watching telly and sniffling on the couch. I must admit though – I had a few chips and half a chicken roll but got right back on the healthy (yet boring) path of snacking on some grapes and nuts and had grilled pork and veggies for dinner.

Today consisted of more couch sitting. No nasty food though (oh wait… oops, I had a mint pattie! But I severely needed a choccie hit!). I did manage a venture to Coles though. God life is drab when a trip to Coles is the highlight of your day!

Made a lovely healthy dinner tonight courtesy of Biggest Loser Masterclass.

Hopefully am well enough for training in the morning! Wish me luck!


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