Wow… how about the pain in my thighs and ass right now?  How about that indeed.  It’s actually quite a pleasant feeling.  Well, almost.  It’s like I can feel them shrinking as I type.  Smaller, smaller… yes that’s right.  You will do as your told!

I love a good burn.  Especially in the areas where I need it most.  Soccer is going to be interesting tonight.  I fear I will be waddling around the field like a penguin, trying desperately to extend my legs into a ball kicking action and then doing that thing where you try to kick the ball and end up on your ass.  I love seeing that shit on Australia’s Funniest Videos.  Crap, I hope no one is filming tonight…

I also fear I’ll break both shins… Let’s face it.  I’m not the best on my feet but I’ve been told that my soccer skills are actually not that bad.  Yeah, we’ll see about that!

Well, boxing starts in about 2 hours… I’m going to be an exhausted little bunny this evening!  Then up early for round 2 with new trainer.  She said I won’t start hating her til much further down the track but I have a feeling hatred might appear much sooner… No I joke, I joke, don’t hurt me, please… (she’s reading this, I assure you…).


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