Scales be gone!

I’ve asked my hubby to hide my scales. I’m beginning to see that it’s not necessary to weigh myself twice a day and that it’s become a compulsive habit. I’ve also stopped recording every bit of food that enters my mouth. I’m making healthy choices instead.

I think that weight loss has a lot to do with your mentality. If you’re constantly thinking about losing weight then it could have the opposite effect mentally. I’m trying to live free and easy for a while – train hard, eat well and stop thinking. I’m a blonde so that shouldn’t be too hard for me! 😉 I’m hoping this new method will trick my body into letting the lard go. Let it go my friend, let it go.

I’m having a train-free day today. Muscles are aching from yesterday! And I’ve got a killer PT session tomorrow with my new trainer. Woke up late, cooked myself poached eggs and now catching up with an old friend – foxtel IQ.



4 responses to “Scales be gone!

  1. Woohoo the scales are OUT!!

  2. Maybe our scales need to hide together. Terrible habit of weighing myself each morning now!!

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